Who Designed the Sydney Opera House

Who Designed the Sydney Opera House?

who designed the sydney opera houseThe designer of the Sydney Opera House was Jorn Utzon.  Jorn was an unknown 38 year old Danish architect until the 29th January in 1957 when he was announced the winner of the competition for the Sydney Opera House in Sydney.  It was Jorn’s vision that Sydney was to be recognised as an international city.

Although Jorn Utzon had won six other competitions previously, the Sydney Opera House was his first project that was non domestic. The designs that Jorn submitted were also little more than preliminary drawings. One of the judges, Eero Saarinen, described Jorn’s design as “genius” and declared he “could not endorse any other choice”. That’s at pretty good endorsement.

Who Designed the Sydney Opera House – Jorn Utzon!

Jorn Utzon was also recognised for other outstanding works including the Bagsværd Church near Copenhagen and the National Assembly Building in Kuwait. He also made important contributions to housing design, especially with his Kingo Houses near Helsingør.

It was Jorn Utzon’s life and travels that had shaped his ideas for the Sydney Opera House. So the next time you are asked “Who designed the Sydney Opera House?“, you’ll know the answer.

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